What’s the first thing that floods your mind when you hear the word micro wedding? 

As a luxury elopement and micro-wedding photographer who’s spent the last several years documenting these celebrations, I’ve come to realize that there’s some confusion surrounding micro-weddings. 

What I’ve found is that many couples don’t have a true understanding of what a micro-wedding can look and feel like. 

This blog is all about sharing my honest thoughts on micro weddings and why they’re must-considers for couples who value connection, quality time with their loved ones, and a curated experience. 

An intimate wedding ceremony taking place on private property in the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon.

Pictured: An April micro wedding on private property in the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon. Event design & florals by The Slow Cult, rentals from Arden Event Collective and Lily & Cane, and catering by Miere Catering.

What Every Couple Should Know About Micro Weddings 

What is a Micro Wedding? 

A micro-wedding is an intimate wedding where you intentionally gather your closest people–loved ones, family, friends–together for a day that aligns with your vision of love, acceptance, and support. 

A micro wedding is blissful in a balanced way–it feels grounding and exhilarating all at once. 

It’s not about the location, even though many intimate weddings are in stunning venues or destination spots. It’s not about the epicness of the adventure, even though these kinds of weddings often prioritize exploration and new places. 

I truly believe deciding to have a micro wedding means choosing yourselves and your people–it’s about a curated list of guests, experiences, and details that make you feel alive and celebrated. 

The Purpose Behind a Micro Wedding

At the core of it all, a micro wedding is about one thing: the people. 

When I say people, I don’t just mean people on a guest list. I mean you and your partner and every person who made your list because you couldn’t stand the idea of marrying the love of your life without them by your side. 

Here’s what I believe a micro-wedding should be all about: 

  • The connection you have with your partner: What I love about weddings is that they give couples this amazing opportunity to reflect–on themselves, on their relationship, on what their partnership stands for. Micro weddings, by nature, allow you to set things aside that don’t serve you. A smaller group and a smaller venue means focusing on the intention behind your day and your connection, and that can come to life in the details, vendors, and experience you choose to include. 
  • Who you both are as people: Micro weddings give you a beautiful chance to scale back on things that might not matter to you. Maybe it’s not about a big, beautiful hall and 200 guests–because maybe that’s not who you both are. It can be about the immersive details, the curated experiences, and the opportunity to connect with each other and your people. 
  • Why the people you invite matter to you: Micro wedding guest lists range in size (usually between 7-60), but ultimately, they’re much smaller than traditional weddings. That’s because every person invited should mean something to you. Micro weddings are about cutting through the noise that many bigger weddings have, like long lists of people you don’t know that well who are invited as formalities. Micro-weddings aren’t just about the what; they’re about the why behind choosing your guest list. Every person who’s part of this beautiful day should support you, align with you, and bring you nothing but happiness. 

Pictured: An autumn micro wedding on the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon. Florals by Revel Petals.

How a Micro Wedding Should Feel

A micro wedding that’s about you, your partner, your guests, and your connection should feel like an effortless balance of overwhelming joy and grounded peace. You should feel deeply connected with your people, with your vision of your micro wedding, and with the feelings you want to carry with you for the rest of your life after you’ve experienced it. 

Micro weddings are, in most cases, very curated experiences–not just in the guest list, but in the vendors, in the details, and in the moments you want to remember from this day. 

Close your eyes and try to imagine a moment in your life where happiness washed over you–happiness that was exciting and perfect all at once. That’s what a micro-wedding should feel like.

A couple, surrounded by a small group of their family and friends, clinking craft beers following their intimate wedding ceremony at sunset in Moab, Utah.

Pictured: A spring micro wedding in Moab Utah at sunset.

The Core of a Micro Wedding: A Meaningful Guest List 

I mentioned before that a micro wedding, at its very foundation, is about the people involved. That means you and your partner, above all–but it also means the guests that are part of your celebration. 

Here’s what’s truly so special about a micro wedding: it doesn’t mean forgoing the traditions or the details you might love, and it doesn’t mean skipping out on including your core people. 

A micro wedding is a balance of intention and curated detail, a beautiful blend of what you want and who you want with you. 

An intimate wedding like this is inherently smaller, and that means those who are invited are the people you can’t imagine your wedding day without. 

In so many ways, you can avoid the formalities the need to invite so-and-so because so-and-so is coming. (You know what I mean, right?) 

With a micro wedding, every name on your list is meant to be standing there with you, soaking in the magic of your day. 

Here are a few things I think are so important to know and consider about your micro-wedding guest list: 

  • You can spend quality time with each person you invite: Imagine intimate and slow moments with all of your guests at once instead of shuffling through a crowd, trying to catch-up with everyone, anxiously making your way toward a dinner you might not have time to eat before your first dance. A smaller guest list means more time spent with all those you included, more intimate venues, and money and resources invested in quality experiences with that core group of people. 
  • Shifting the number of guests can alter your budget: Weddings or elopements of any kind tend to have a core cost–the elements that will stay the same no matter how many guests you include. Your wedding apparel, for example. You might buy the same dress or suit whether you’re eloping or having a larger wedding. The same goes for your rings or your own hair and makeup. But when you alter the number of guests, the costs associated with them change. More people at your wedding changes the cost of everything else–food, alcohol, the venue where you can host your day. When you choose a micro wedding with a more intimate setting, you can fulfill of lot other things you might want for your wedding day within your budget (whatever it might be). The more autonomy you have over your budget, the more rules you can break. 
  • The guest dynamic changes in a beautiful way: With fewer guests and intentional people included, your wedding becomes less about taking care of guests and more about including them in your experience. 
  • A smaller group is there with you; a larger group is there to watch you: For some, a larger wedding with hundreds of guests can feel performative, like they’re there to watch and witness a spectacle. With a smaller wedding and a closer guest list, many couples feel like their core group is there to experience everything with them–not just watch them. Couples can embrace their uniqueness, be themselves, let their hair down, and float through their day without worrying about the performance of it all. 

Capturing the Moments of Your Micro Wedding 

If you find yourself repeating the words intentional and intimate and loved ones often–a micro wedding might be the right fit for your wedding day. 

Whether you’re chasing a destination micro wedding where you, your partner, and your closest people can spend days basking in the experience or a curated day rich in unique-to-you details you can embrace with all your loved ones, I can help you capture every second. 

When you’re ready to learn more about micro-wedding packages and how a micro-wedding photographer like me works with special couples like you, I’m here for you. 

What is a Micro-Wedding? A Guide to Planning Your Intimate Wedding 

Jun 28, 2024