This day only happens once.

shouldn't it be the most intentional and romantic day you can possibly imagine?


Wedding + Elopement Photographer

What do you want your day to feel like?

I genuinely care about couples getting married in the way that is meaningful for them.

Why? Because that’s what I did. John & I exchanged our vows on a snowy overlook in the Rocky Mountains as my sister played our song on guitar. We were surrounded by our very closest friends and family that day. We celebrated with a long weekend of skiing because it’s our favorite thing to do together. I remember every moment of that experience like it was yesterday and I wouldn’t change a thing.

That’s what I want for you. You deserve a day where you don’t have to compromise–a day where you get to celebrate yourselves by doing what you love. Imagine being surrounded by your very closest loved ones, whether that's your dog as your only guest, 10 of your best friends, or an intimate group of family members–the people who love and support you and want nothing more than for you two to have an incredible wedding.

I want to be your

wedding advocate

Making sure the day you are creating for yourselves is rooted in who you are as a couple.

Hi, I'm Tori

I'll remind you to breathe, pause,

and soak it all in on the day you get married while capturing the way it

all feels.

"It's in the still silence of nature where one will find true bliss"

- J.J.C

what's in a name

Come To Bliss is a statement I’ve held on to when reflecting on

moments where my life felt peacefully joyous.

It is also the title of the last project I created before graduating with my Bachelors of Fine Art from Savannah College of Art & Design. I photographed moments spent with my very best friends during a time that made me who I am today—those sorta moments that you want to bottle up forever, the ones that you find yourself coming back to time and time again just to feel the memories again.

Moments of pure bliss. Pure joy, incredible emotion, and one day—nostalgia.

Isn’t that exactly what the day you get married should feel like?

I think so.

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I do not discriminate by gender, religion, race, background, sexual orientation, Age, nationality, or "style."
I welcome + celebrate love in all its forms.








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