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Your wedding day doesn’t have to be epic at the expense of being real. Sure, a gorgeous backdrop has its perks, but it is not what makes a wedding day memorable, important, or beautiful.

There's nothing more special than watching a couple celebrate their relationship in the way that's most meaningful to them–with or without people joining them, with or without an epic backdrop.

Your wedding day should feel thoughtful and intentional–it should make you feel calm, inspired, reflective of what led you here, and full of wonder for what lies ahead.

It can be a day spent in nature and in places that feel like home. Whether that means you're revisiting a place you both know like the back of your hands or seeing something entirely new with fresh eyes on your wedding day.

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I can't begin to describe what it's like to have a photographer there with you who sees you, understands you, and most importantly documents your love authentically. We couldn't stand the idea of a big, pose-y photoshoot on a day we wanted to be so genuine and about our love. And you know what? We didn't get an ounce of that.

Our day was pure magic. Blissful, stunning, 1000% joyful magic.

And Tori was one of the biggest parts of that."

Hanna + Riley

I'm Tori,

Though I love a good outdoor adventure and experiencing epic scenery, I believe life is as much about the food, the people, and the memories you create as it is the setting.

I value quality time with those I love more than anything else. Time spent outside: backpacking, skiing, rock climbing, and paddle boarding–as well as cooking, playing board games, and late nights spent getting lost in conversation.

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Before I knew elopements were a thing–before I knew that you could ditch the party and backpack into the wilderness to get married if you preferred– my partner and I began to plan our wedding day. One long guest list and a couple weeks of looking at venues later and we were left feeling overwhelmed with the pressure to create a day for others rather than a day for ourselves.

After 5 years of long distance dating, making the most of our time together with adventures outside, and always valuing experiences together over things, we decided a big party just wasn’t us. So, we ignored what was expected, and we chose to create a day that we would love, including only the things and people that mattered most to us.

Our closest loved ones flew to Colorado, ski clothes packed, and we got married in the snow on a mountain top. It was cold–but I hardly felt it. My sweet sister played and sang our song as I walked down the very snowy path towards John. My veil flew off my head, my dad handed me off, our mothers read a beautiful speech. We exchanged handwritten vows–marrying ourselves. We smiled, laughed, cried, jumped for joy, kissed. I cried thinking about it all again now in writing this. It was perfect. My own wedding day is the inspiration behind this brand and my entire career since.

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Meet bowen

Prior to having my daughter, I only thought I understood the importance of having moments of your life documented. After I had her, I realized just how fast time goes–faster than I ever thought possible. I've felt so present since she was born in January 2023, and yet so much already feels like a distant memory in such a short amount of time. The nostalgia is already setting in. I wish so badly I could press “rewatch” and see it all unfold again. Because I have honestly loved every single moment and I don’t ever want to forget any of it.

I find myself looking through the album of photos my dear photographer friend Amber (of Story Maker Photo) captured of us constantly. It is because of Bowen that I fully understand the gravity of this incredible work that I get to call my job.

living in bend, oregon

John and I have lived in many places during the last decade we’ve been together—Colorado, Washington, Maryland, Georgia, and Florida. Bend is the first place that truly felt like home. We chose this place because of its incredible access to the outdoors–mountains to ski, rivers to paddle, forest trails to hike. It has endless places to be outside–to feel grounded and alive.

before, come to bliss

I thought I might be a fashion photographer. That was, until I interned at W Magazine and figured out that the world of high-fashion and living in a big city just wasn't me. I graduated with my B.F.A in photography from Savannah College of Art and Design and found my passion for being outdoors and documenting weddings soon after.

In October 2018 I photographed with Adventure Instead for the first time. It was on this team that my love of intimate weddings grew beyond measure. Though my time with them came to an end in November 2022, I will never forget the experiences with the couples I met there who shaped me into the person I am.

I believe that life is far more about

the experiences you have and the memories you make than the things you have.

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I do not discriminate by gender, religion, race, background, sexual orientation, Age, nationality, or "style."
I welcome + celebrate love in all its forms.








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